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Browns Valley Parking Lot

Browns Valley Drop Off/ Pick Up & Parking Lot Guidelines

The safety of your children, you and other pedestrians is our top priority! Please review the guidelines below. The following plan was established in conjunction with the Vacaville Police Department & Public Works Traffic Engineering.  Staff is present to ensure safety and traffic flow. Please respect their authority and abide by their instructions. These guidelines are established to provide a safe, orderly and efficient drop off and pick up for everyone involved.


Passenger Loading/ Unloading Zone Along Wrentham Drive

  • Please pull as far forward as possible before students enter or exit the car.
  • If your student is not present, please continue circling the block (like being at an airport)
  • Be aware that if vehicle is unoccupied or not in the process of being loaded or unloaded, it is considered parked under the California Vehicle Code and the flow of traffic is significantly impacted.


Parking Lot

  • Parking lot is open for staff or vehicles displaying a handicap placard. All others will need to park on the street.
    • Vehicles with a Handicap Placard must park in designated Handicap parking spaces. In the event they are all full, please use any spot (even if it is marked Staff).
    • If the parking lot is 100% full please pull through to the street and keep circling back, or use the loading zone along Wrentham Drive.
    • Parking in the pull through will not be permitted, consistent with Fire Code it is marked “Fire Lane No Parking” to maintain Public Safety access.
  • Be aware of posted street signs when entering and exiting the parking lot.


Street Map

Picture 2.png

These changes are recommended by Vacaville Police Department and City of Vacaville Traffic Engineers, and the VUSD Facilities Department.