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Attendance & Calendar

Attendance Instructions

When your student is absent please call the absence recorder or send an email to on each day of the absence.  If we do not hear from you within three days, your student will receive an unverified absence.  Although the district does not receive ADA (money) for excused absences they are still reflected on the student’s record.  Excessive absences could result in a referral to the Student Attendance Review Board. 

Excessive excused absences could result in a required doctor’s note for each absence.

Only medical tardies are excused.  Please bring a note from the doctor or dentist or write a note if your student was ill that morning. 

Remember you can request an Independent Study Agreement if a student will be absent for at least five days.  These are available in the office.  Your child's teacher will need at least one week lead time to put this work together.

The criteria for perfect attendance are:

  • No absences excused or unexcused.
  • Independent Study work must be turned in and cleared 
  • No tardies or early departures

Important Dates

2018-19 Key Dates

  • Aug. 16, 2018: - School begins
  • Sept. 3: Labor Day holiday
  • Nov. 12: Veterans Day observance
  • Nov. 13-16: Elementary conferences
  • Nov. 19- 23: Thanksgiving recess
  • Dec. 21 - January 4: Winter recess
  • Jan. 21: M.L. King, Jr. Day observance
  • Feb. 18 - 22: Presidents' Week break
  • March 5 - 8: Elementary conferences
  • April 19 - 26: Spring recess
  • May 27: Memorial Day Observance
  • June 6, 2019: Last day of school

For further details download the full calendar at left. 

Minimum Days 2018-19

The following minimum days have been scheduled this school year:

  • Aug 31: following Back to School Night
  • Nov. 2: end of trimester
  • Nov. 8 - 16: parent-teacher conferences
  • Dec. 20: prior to winter break
  • Mar. 1: end of trimester
  • Mar. 5 - 8: parent-teacher conferences
  • June 4 - 6: closing out the school year.

As well, students are released early all Wednesdays for teacher-collaboration days.

Short-Term Independent Study Application

Families who will be gone during regular school days for 5 or more days can print off this Application from our Dock locker on the front right Schoolloop Page or come in to the office and ask for this form in person. We will need 10 days notice to process this paperwork. So please make sure to get this well in advance for approval to be given. With this application, the days away can be made up with work that goes home with your student to work on while away. Without this application or if work is not turned in on the first day back, the day/days may be marked unexcused.