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Parent and Student Handbook

Browns Valley Elementary

Parent and Student Handbook


Educating children requires mutual commitment on the part of staff, parents, and the community. Our goal is to build a foundation of respect and nurture a community of lifelong learners.

Browns Valley Schedule


8:05-11:25                           Kindergarten    AM

11:30-2:50                           Kindergarten    PM


9:40– 1:00                           Kindergarten   PM on Wednesdays 


8:05-11:25                           PM Kindergarten attends with AM Kinder on these Days    

                                            8/31, 11/2, 11/16, 12/20, 3/1, 5/31, 6/3, 6/4, 6/5, 6/6   


                                                                         Grades 1-6

                                    8:15-2:20                      Grades 1 –3        Regular Days (M, T, TH, F)

                                    8:15-2:25                      Grades 4–6         Regular Days (M, T, TH, F)

                                    8:15-12:55                   Grades 1-3          Early Release Wednesday

                                    8:15-1:00                      Grades 4-6          Early Release Wednesday

                                    8:15-12:25                   Grades 1-3          Minimum Days

                                    8:15-12:30                   Grades 4-6          Minimum Days


                                                                      Recess Schedule




9:45-10:00                           Grades 1-2

10:00-10:15                         Grades 3-4

10:15-10:30                         Grade 6

10:30-10:45                         Grade 5


Afternoon: (No afternoon recess on Wednesdays)

1:00-1:15                              Grades 1-2

1:15-1:30                              Grade 3


Lunch Schedules


                        Grade                         IPE                                   Lunch                                  Recess

                        Grade 1                11:00-11:15                         11:15-11:30                         11:30-11:45

                        Grade 2                11:15-11:30                         11:30-11:45                         11:45-12:00

                        Grade 3                11:30-11:45                         11:45-12:00                         12:00-12:15

                        Grade 4                11:45-12:00                         12:00-12:15                         12:15-12:30

                        Grade 6                12:00-12:15                         12:15-12:30                         12:30-12:45

                        Grade 5                12:15-12:30                         12:30-12:45                         12:45-1:00



Students should NOT arrive earlier than 7:45am.

Breakfast begins at 7:45 AM; students will be dismissed to the playground at 8:00 AM but may continue to eat breakfast until 8:12AM.  No morning supervision is provided on the playground until 8:00 AM.  No after school supervision is provided.

  The Browns Valley Park is unsupervised as well.  Students should go directly home after school unless supervised by a parent or guardian or enrolled in the after-school program.



Our parking lot is closed before and after school. Please follow posted traffic signs stating that after 8:15am, there is no access to the school parking lot unless you have a visible handicap placard. Supervisors are on duty to help with traffic flow and the safety of our children. Make sure to pull as far forward as possible and for the safety of all students, DO NOT drop students off in the bus zone. Yellow curbs are for loading and unloading of only.  You may not park along the yellow or red curb. PLEASE make sure you move slowly (5mph) while pulling in and out the loading zone.  Remember our primary concern is the safety of our students, families and staff. During the school day the parking lot will be open for visitors/parents who need to pick up students early or drop off students arriving late to school. Vacaville Police Department regularly patrols and tickets for violations.



Our campus is supervised from 7:45 AM to 2:30 daily for the safety of everyone.  Adults (non-staff) without visitor passes will be stopped and directed to the office to sign in. Students arriving early for our breakfast program may enter the cafeteria at 7:45 AM. Students should NOT be on campus prior to 7:45 AM. Campus bathrooms are for students ONLY. Adults are to use the restrooms in the office.



Only service animals are allowed on campus.  No other animals or pets should be brought on campus for any reason.



Bikes, skateboards and scooters may be used as a mode of transportation to and from school. They may NOT be ridden on campus as this creates a safety issue.  Students should be sure to lock these in the bike rack. The school is not responsible for damage or theft to personal property. Please obey all safety laws and make sure to wear a helmet.



If your child needs to leave school during the day for an appointment or other reason, a written request should be given to the teacher and an authorized adult must sign the student out in the office.  We will call a student out of class when an authorized adult with photo identification is in the office to sign them out.  Students will only be released to people authorized on the emergency card.



Regular attendance is required by law. Effective learning requires a planned sequence of instruction and frequent or daily reinforcement. Please avoid scheduling vacations and appointments during regular school days.



  1. Student absences need to be cleared through the attendance office within 72 hours of the missed day. Parent or guardian may phone the school to report an absence or send a note with the student when they return to school.  If there is no phone call or note returned within 72 hours, the student will be marked truant.


     2.  Notes/messages need to have the following information:

        -Name of student

        -Date of absence

        -Reason for absence

        -Signature of Parent or Guardian


     3. An excused absence per State Ed Code:

        -Student illness

        -Student Medical appointment (documentation required)

        -Student Dental appointment (documentation required)

        -Student Judicial appointment (documentation required)

        -Funeral (documentation required)


     4. The student should ask the teacher for make-up assignments.  Assignments not made up may be reflected in the student’s  grades.According to District Policy, students are allowed 1 day for make ups for each day of absence.


**Students recognized for PERFECT ATTENDANCE must be present every day or attend Super Saturday (Attendance Recovery Program) to Make-up each absence.

(1 Day of Super Saturday = 1 Day of Absence)



(Attendance Recovery Program)

Super Saturday is an Academic Enrichment and Attendance Recovery Program that provides the vehicle for students to re-capture “lost learning” due to absences by participating in enrichment activities at Browns Valley. Super Saturday is taught by Browns Valley teachers and lunch is provided to students. Permission slips will be sent home and are available at due to the school by 3pm on the Wednesday prior to the Super Saturday date.



Students are strongly encouraged to be prompt.  If a child is tardy more than 5 minutes, he/she must come to the front office to obtain a tardy slip for the classroom teacher.  Students who are tardy interrupt learning for students in the classroom and may not receive the initial instruction for personal learning.  Excessive and/or habitual tardiness is an attendance problem and letters will be sent to parents after 5 occurrences, 10 occurrences and 15 occurrences.  Once a student has been tardy 15+ times, an attendance conference (SART) will be scheduled with Administration.  Continued attendance issues could result in a SARB (School Attendance Review Board) hearing at the District level.


If you find that you must take your child out of school and will be gone for 5 or more consecutive school days, you may complete an Independent Study Contract.




            1) 10 days prior to first day a student will be gone for Short Term Independent Study; parents must fill out a form from                      the office, requesting the Short Term Independent Study packet, indicating the dates the student will not be in school and                  the reason for the absence.

            2) Parents complete the Voluntary Independent Study Agreement Form and obtain the required signatures                                              (student and parent). Return the form to your child’s teacher.

            3) The teacher will review the form and follow up with Administration for approval or denial. Independent Study                                    requests will NOT be approved during the month of May due to District and State Assessments.

            4) Upon approval of the Independent Study, the teacher will give the student assignments to be completed.

            5) All assignments are due upon the student’s return to school. In order to receive full credit all work assigned must                                 be completed. Partial credit will be given for incomplete contracts.



We follow the procedures as mandated by the State of California. Students that are required to take medication at school must have a written physician’s statement and a parent authorization on file in the health office. This includes medication prescribed by a physician as well as over the counter medication.   All medicines (even Tylenol, cough drops, throat lozenges, etc.) MUST have a written authorization from the doctor and be transported to and from school by parents.  Students are not allowed any medication in their backpacks at school. All medicines are to be kept in the health office and school personnel will assist in the administration. Medication must be in the original container.  You can obtain a medication authorization form in the school office.



Students who are under a physician’s care and/or returning to school with durable medical equipment (splint, special shoes, sling, cast, crutches, etc.) must bring in a note from the physician which states the nature of the injury, length of time the equipment is needed and any limitations for physical activity.



The school is equipped to provide basic emergency first aid.  Children who become sick or injured will be sent to the nurse’s office and may need to be picked up. Please notify the office whenever there is any change in your address, home or work telephone numbers, cell phones, email and/or other contact information and make sure your emergency contacts are available to pick up your child if we are unable to contact you.


Throughout the year, Vacaville Unified School District will be conducting emergency disaster drills. These drills could be lockdown drill, lockout, fire, earthquake or any other emergency disaster drills. If you need to pick up your student while Browns Valley is conducting a drill, please wait for the drill to end. No one will be allowed admittance in the event of a drill.  In the event of a true emergency you will be notified as quickly as the situation allows.



Cell phones are recognized as a safety precaution for parents and children before and after school. When students arrive on campus, cell phones must be turned off and stored in backpacks. Cell phones out during school hours will be confiscated and held until an adult is available to pick it up in the office. ALL other electronic devices are NOT allowed on campus. The school and VUSD do not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to any electronic equipment or signaling device, including cell phones, that students bring to school and will not spend time investigating the loss or theft of these items.



Appropriate student use of electronic devices and rules concerning devices apply from the time the student leaves for school until the time they arrive home. Devices may not be used to disrupt the educational environment or violate the rights of others. Using the device to cheat, violate school conduct rules; harass/bully students or staff, or using the device for unlawful purposes will subject the student to disciplinary action. Serious offenses will be reported to the local authorities. Recording the voice or image of another in any way that disrupts the educational environment, invades the privacy of others, or is made without the consent of the individuals being recorded is prohibited. Devices recording the voice or image of another to take, transfer, or share any audio, video, or photographs that reveal parts of the body (ordinarily covered by clothing) is prohibited.



Parents are highly encouraged to monitor their child’s activity on social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat…).  Many Social media sites have age restrictions so please follow stated guidelines. Misuse or inappropriate postings which cause a school disruption can result in disciplinary action.

Misunderstandings and disagreements are a part of human relationships in any setting.  How students learn to handle these situations when they develop has an impact on the school environment and their academic achievement. Browns Valley Elementary does not condone spreading or listening to gossip, name-calling, confronting in public, making defensive or bragging statements regarding physical toughness, questioning others about their willingness to fight or resulting to actual physical violence.  Students who become aware of a personal misunderstanding or disagreement with another student are directed to inform a staff member immediately.


Discipline is based on a progressive model; however, every situation presents its own unique set of circumstances. Please remember that confidentiality is important and that we are not at liberty to discuss other student’s consequences even when involved in the same incident. It is our goal to ensure that all staff and students feel safe and are treated respectfully. 



Students can earn BEAR BUCKS for making good choices and adhering to school rules. Students can turn in BEAR BUCKS for a chance to win prizes during our weekly raffle. Raffles will be held weekly and announced during Monday morning announcement. If a student wins he/she may come to the office to choose a prize during morning recess on Mondays.



Safety is very important to Browns Valley and VUSD.  According to AR 1250 (a); Ed Code 32211; and Penal Code 627.6 visitors must register at the office upon arrival, visibly wear a visitor’s badge and shall state their purpose for being on campus.  All visitors may be asked to provide identification before being allowed on campus.  The Principal or designee may refuse to register any visitor if he/she reasonably concludes that the individual’s presence or actions would disrupt the school, students, or employees. 

Volunteers are the HEART of our school.  We appreciate your help and gift of time. If you are planning to volunteer in classrooms or on field trips, please fill out a Volunteer Form in the office. If you have filled one out in the past, it will be on file until your student leaves this school. Volunteers must be fingerprinted. In order to provide a safe and focused learning environment, parent and community volunteers are asked to sign the Volunteer Log located in the office. Volunteers must wear a “Volunteer” badge during the time they are on school grounds.  Visitors may not drop in on their child’s classroom without first checking into the office. School-age children who are not registered at this school may not be present in classrooms or on the playground during the school day.


Protecting instructional time is key to student success. To keep the classroom interruptions to a minimum please follow these requests:


                   -Make after-school arrangements before students come to school and clearly communicate that plan to your child.

                   -Write your child’s teacher a note regarding early dismissals. This allows teachers time to get homework together.

                   -Please limit calls to the office for student messages to emergency situations only.  Routine information should be                                   communicated to your child prior to the beginning of the day.

                   -Leave items (homework, folders, lunches, instruments, etc.) in the front office. Students may check in the office at                                  recess/lunch time.


Deliveries for students are limited to academic items only. Please do not have balloons, flowers, candy, etc. sent to the office for your student.  These items are distracting in the classroom and will be turned away. Students learn responsibility with the use of natural consequences.  If your child regularly forgets an item at home, he/she will learn more by having consequences than by you delivering those items to school for them.


Due to food allergies, snack items brought to school for birthday celebrations must be pre-arranged and scheduled with the teacher.  We suggest fruit, yogurt, vegetables, or any type of healthy snacks. Cupcakes are discouraged.  Birthday invitations are not to be passed out in the classroom. Parents or students may pass them out after school. 



Browns Valley is proud to be participating in the VUSD Wellness Policy Program. Please help your child select only healthy snacks for school.  To celebrate special occasions and birthdays, families are encouraged to bring healthy snacks and drinks or inexpensive party favors for each of their child’s classmates. 


The Vacaville Unified School District participates in the National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs. We serve meals that meet or exceed the nutritional requirements set by the US Department of Agriculture and are audited by our state’s Department of Education Nutrition Services Division. These meals are available to all children who attend our schools, regardless of the income level of the family, but to become eligible for free or reduced-price meals, please follow these guidelines:


            1) A new application must be completed each school year. Apply online: 

            2) There is a 30-day grace period at the beginning of the school year for those students who received free or                                                 reduced-price meals in our district the previous year.

            3) You will receive written notification from the Child Nutrition Department letting you know if your child will be                                            receiving free or reduced lunch.

            4) New applications are accepted all school year.

            5) Students may bring a lunch from home or purchase a lunch from the cafeteria. We encourage you to pay for                                          school lunches on a weekly or monthly basis. Send a check to school and the cafeteria will keep track of the                                     breakfasts/lunches purchased. A menu is sent home monthly.


Breakfast Prices- Full price $1.50    Lunch Prices- Full price $3.00

Milk $0.50                                               Milk $0.50


*Please encourage your students to not trade or share food at school.



It is not our policy to accept classroom teacher requests.  Parents are welcome to write a request with justification for the request.  Administration will review these and determine if a change in placement is educationally warranted. A written request does not guarantee a change in placement.



In order to meet the needs of all students, classes are created based on many criteria. Teachers, specialists, and administration consider multiple factors when creating class lists.  Should you feel your child’s classroom placement is of concern please adhere to AR 6152 procedures:

*Meet with teacher to identify problem in writing and seek solutions.

*Develop a plan and implement with agreed upon modifications.

*After 3 weeks if consensus cannot be reached Administration may approve a class placement change.



Parent-Teacher conferences are scheduled at the end of the first trimester and are optional the second trimester.  We encourage you to maintain contact through email or regular communication with your child’s teacher.  Sharing information helps the teacher make informed decisions as to how best to help your child.  Knowing the classroom routines makes students more successful in class.  You may request additional conferences at any time.



Students are expected to dress neatly and appropriately for all school activities. As outlined in District Policy 5470 (appendix F) students are not allowed to wear anything that advertises alcohol, tobacco, or drugs.  Make-up, short shorts, halters, backless and tube tops are not allowed. Spaghetti straps or mesh shirts must be worn only with a t-shirt underneath. Pants may not be worn low off the hips (sagging). Shirts must cover the waistline: no skin showing. Undergarments must not be visible. Sandals without backs, flip-flops and Heelys are not safe for elementary school activities and should not be worn to school. Hats and sweatshirt hoods may be worn outside only.  Hats are NOT allowed in classrooms, the office, cafeteria or library.  Brims must be worn straight forward and should shade the face for UV protection. Hoods, bandanas, hair nets, scarves, and headbands are not to be worn on campus except for religious purposes. Hats worn improperly or any headwear that does not conform to these standards will be confiscated. Stocking caps will only be allowed during severe winter temperatures.



Items such as toys, PE equipment, games, and other personal electronic devices (with the exception of cell phones) are not allowed at school unless specifically requested by classroom teachers for a special event. 



Please put your child’s name on all articles of clothing or personal possessions that are brought to school. There is a Lost and Found bin located by the school’s Multi-Use Room. Items that are not claimed are donated to a charitable organization. Please check the Lost and Found often.


All basic textbooks are loaned to students for their use during the school year. Textbooks should be kept clean and handled carefully. Parents will be required to pay for lost or damaged books. Final report cards will be held until book loss or damage fees have been paid.


   The Browns Valley PTO is a non-profit organization that works with the principal, assistant principal, parents, teachers and the community in becoming devotedly involved with affairs concerning the welfare of our children. The PTO energetically participates and promotes fundraising campaigns and events/projects for necessary equipment and materials for which our children will receive the benefit of a broader perspective of a well-rounded education.  One of the key missions of the PTO is to promote an environment at school where teachers and administrators can do their best work and our students can do their best learning. 

   We are always eager to find more great people to help us meet this goal. We do not expect a huge time commitment from volunteers. An hour can be a big help to our group and the school, and we have positions and tasks to fit all schedules and interests. Just let us know whether a program, event or activity interests you and when you might be free to help. You do not even have to come to the school or attend a meeting to be involved, although we would really like to meet everyone personally!  If you are interested in being a board member or volunteer, please contact the PTO at In addition, please, check out the PTO on Facebook



All students will be given the opportunity to participate in grade level field trips unless permission is denied by a parent or other circumstances prevent the student from attending.  Occasionally grade levels may ask parents for a donation to help offset costs; however, no student will ever be denied attendance on the field trip due to the inability to donate money.  Field trips are an optional activity intended to enrich the curriculum. At any given time, should the cost of the field trip surpass the school’s ability to pay for it the field trip will be cancelled. Students who do not attend the scheduled fieldtrip are expected to attend school on the day of the fieldtrip and alternative accommodations will be made.



1) Permission slips must be signed and returned to school prior to the day of the field trip. Phone permission is not allowed on the                   day of the field trip.  Alternate forms or written permission are not permitted.

2) Most field trips require additional chaperones to provide supervision and safety for students.

3) Chaperones must complete a “Volunteer Form” and be finger printed.  Finger prints must clear before the day of the field trip in                   order to chaperone students.  This process can take several weeks.

4) Chaperones must complete an Emergency Contact form before the day of the field trip.

5) If chaperones are needed to transport students other than their own child, it is necessary to complete “Proof of Insurance” forms               prior to the day of the field trip.

6) Field trips have an educational purpose.  Siblings are not allowed to attend class field trips.

7) Due to space constraints at the destination there may be a limit on the number of adults who may attend. 



We encourage parents to maintain an open dialogue with school staff and administration.  If a concern arises, which involves a staff member, please follow the listed procedure:


      1) Contact staff member by email, phone, or in person to discuss concerns and work on resolution

      2) If unresolved please request a meeting with the staff member and their supervisor, this may be scheduled in our front office.

      3) If no resolution is reached as outlined in AR 1312.3(a) an individual may then file a written complaint to the District Office.                             (see Uniform Complaint Procedure available at



Be sure to visit our school website at and keep current on everything at Browns Valley.  Our website contains many useful links, school information, and AR support.  Sign up for our ENEWS which provides weekly updates each Tuesday directly to your inbox.  ENEWS has replaced our school newsletter, however, should you need a printed copy please see our front office staff. 


Browns Valley Academic Expectations


Come to school every day ready to learn.

Be on time.

Pay attention and listen to your teacher.

Raise your hand.

Use your time wisely by working during instruction time.

Ask questions when you do not understand.

Work cooperatively in groups.

Listen to your classmates during discussion time.

Do your homework each night.

It’s OK to make mistakes.

Correct mistakes and learn from your mistakes.

Read every day.

Keep trying and don’t give up.

Do your best.


Together we are a powerful voice for child