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Today: 8/1/15

Registration 15/16

2015-2016 Registration 

Your KINDERGARTEN student must be born before September 2, 2010 to enroll, for kindergarten.  You may also enroll for Transitional Kindergarten if your student is born between September 2nd and December 1, 2010.

Enrollment for all grades is ongoing.

Please read the attached documents completely for instructions on how to complete the forms and what documents you will need to complete the enrollment process.  You must have your proof of residency, within our boundaries, to enroll at Browns Valley.

Attached please find our enrollment packet that you may print out, complete and bring to our office.


Enrollment Form.pdf

CHDP form PM 171 A 3-03.pdf

Emergency Card-English.doc

Kindergarten Registration Checklist Form NCR.doc

Home Language Survey form.doc

2014 Immunization Laws.docx

Oral Health Assessment Waiver Eng-Span.doc

Oral Health Letter Eng-Span 15-16.doc



School Hours



AM  8:20 - 11:40 Mon - Fri.

PM 11:40 - 3:00  

Wednesdays 10:00 - 1:20

Grades 1 - 3 

8:30 - 2:35

Grades 4 - 6

8:30 - 2:40


Grades 1 - 6  8:30 - 1:10

Browns Valley Friendly Calendar

Lunch/Recess Schedule

Parking Lot Rules

The following documents were developed and instituted by the Vacaville Police Department.

They control the rules and directions we follow to keep our students safe during drop off and pick up times.

Please open them and read them and thank you for helping keep everyone at Browns Valley safe.


Police Frequently Asked Questions.doc



Attendance is very important.
Please call the Browns Valley office if your child is absent. 453-6205, then press 2 for the absence recorder.  You will be asked to leave the student's name, teacher's name and the reason the student is not in school.  You may also email the attendance clerk at deannas@vacavilleusd.org and then leave the same information.  We encourage you to schedule appointments for students at the end of the day so they do not miss core instruction in the morning.

Students arriving late or leaving early require a doctor/dentist note for that part day absence to be medically excused.  A note can be submitted late for the code to be changed.

A medically excused tardy and Independent Study will not be counted towards truancy letters,

but will affect perfect attendance awards.

Sign up for E-News

Receive web updates via Email. Here's how! See a sample. 


Flyers from nonprofit groups that provide services, programs, and activities which benefit VUSD students and parents are posted on the Community Bulletin Board.  You can view a list of posted flyers by clicking the Bulletin Board List at... Continue
Posted by: Donna Suchoski
Published: 7/27/15

Attention Amazon Shoppers
"Hello fellow Amazon shoppers!  When you create or register your Amazon account using the smile.amazon.com website, if you select Browns Valley Parent Teacher Organization as your non-profit of choice, Amazon will donate .5% of all purch... Continue
Posted by: Marcie Ruminski
Published: 5/2/14


School wide total to date:




60 Millionaires

Traffic Control

Vacaville PD and Solano Safe Routes to School are working together along with BV families to assist our residents in the area.

  • Loading/No Stopping Zones are designed to be ACTIVE loading/unloading ONLY.  Just like the airports.
  • Stopping and waiting in the roadway in the roadway while blocking traffic flow creates delays and safety issues for everyone.
  • Please try to be aware of driveways, fire hydrants and small children; theyre easy to miss at times!
  • For more information about how you can help reduce your school's traffic congestion problems.
  • Please visit: www.solanosr2s.ca.gov/


Browns Valley

BEAR-FIT Runners

(This is a non-school sponsored event)

The BEAR-FIT Running Club will be open to all grades and levels of fitness. Participants will have the opportunity to increase their overall healthfulness through interactive workouts as well as engaging activities. The club members will track their miles, receive nutritional information and commit to habits that build healthy lifestyles.

START DATE: September 

WHEN:      Tuesday/Thursday              TIME:         7:30am – 8:15am

WHERE:    Browns Valley Park             COST:       Free

This is a “drop off” program although parents are welcome to stay and watch.  There will be a check in/check out station where parents will be required to check their children in before leaving.  The volunteer staff will check the children out and walk them up to the school campus.  To register your child for this program, please fill out the bottom portion of this form and return it to the office.        Pick up your waiver packet and bring it to the first day.

Browns Valley BEAR-FIT Runners Flyer.docx




Students are expected to arrive at school dressed in appropriate attire that is safe, respectful and does not detract from student learning. Parents will be called if their child arrives at school dressed inappropriately. Please help us observe the following:

  • No gum chewing is permitted on campus.
  • Shirts must only display appropriate language, symbols and pictures.
  • Halter Tops and tops with spaghetti straps are not acceptable attire.
  • All pants must be secured at the waist with no visible underwear.
  • Jewelry must be safe.
  • Footwear must be safe; flip- flops are unacceptable.
  • Hats, caps and bandanas may not be worn indoors.


From our School Nurse

Please remember all medicines, including any over the counter meds, must not come to school without the appropriate district forms signed by the Dr. and the parent.  Forms can be picked up in the front office.

There are lots of bugs going around right now.  Policy is that students should not come to school until 24 hours after vomiting and after their fever breaks.  This helps to keep control of spreading the disease, as well as allowing time for your student to completely recover.

On another note, please don’t park in the nurses parking spot, even if you think I am not here.  That close up spot is not for convenience, it is for medical emergencies.  There are lots of students that are at risk and need attention every day at Browns Valley as well as at other schools.  There are only 4 full time nurses and 3 part time nurses to cover the entire district.  Nurses need to get in and out quickly to attend to these things.  Thank you in advance for your support in all of these matters.

Here is the Board Policy concerning casts, crutches etc. There is nothing about keeping the kids out of the playground.  We do encourage that they stay inside the office, but we won't demand it.

AR 5142 (e)

SAFETY (continued)

In addition, students returning to school after surgery, hospitalization, receiving a cast,

stitches, or orthopedic appliances require a doctor’s note which states the following:

1. The date the student is cleared to return to school.

2. Any restrictions to school participation

3. Date of follow-up appointment.

Regulation VACAVILLE

Janet French RN, MSN

Vacaville USD Nurse

BrownsValley, Markham and Buckingham


Supporting Safety on Our Campus

Honoring the mission of Red Ribbon Week, the staff and administration at Browns Valley would like to take a moment to remind students and families about key components to support safety on our campus.


  • Arrive at school on time and ‘Ready to Learn’
  • Bring only school supplies in your backpack – no toys, electronic devices and absolutely no weapons
  • Never speak with strangers on the way to/from school
  • Go directly home and walk on the main streets


  • Arrive timely to support students walking to campus safely
  • Support students by checking backpacks are filled with ONLY school supplies  and no miscellaneous toys, electronic devices and absolutely no weapons
  • Communicate the goal of never speaking with a stranger on the way/from school
  • Honor “Bell to Bell’ teaching and only enter campus with a Visitor/Volunteer Badge prior to release daily

Contact Us:

Phone  707 453-6205

Fax      707 447-5307

Welcome Bear.JPG

Sign In Please!

Please remember to always sign in and get a visitors sticker at the office when you enter our campus.  This includes before school begins and at pick up time also.  This is to ensure the safety of all of our students and staff.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Browns Valley Handbook

After School Enrichment Programs

Please open the link below for Firefly Art Classes and Early Engineers classes.


Safety Plan 13/14

Browns Valley Bear Tracks Student Newspaper


Browns Valley continues to recycle used phones and ink cartridges in our office.