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Reading on the Lawn

Cafeteria News

Breakfast is served daily in the Cafeteria from: 7:45 am to 8:25 am. Come in and join us! Served daily are freshly baked muffins, bagels, oatmeal, fresh fruit and now on Every Friday is French Toast Friday with sausage! Delicious!


Our Cafeteria is open daily for Breakfast and Lunch. Breakfast is $1.50 and lunch is $3.00 

When sending in money to go on student accounts: cash or check, please make sure it is in an envelope marked with student's name and teacher. This will ensure the money goes to the correct student. Thank you. 


If you have any questions and need to talk with the Cafeteria Manager you may email her at: ttuck@vacavilleusd.org  or if you would like to look at the Elementary menu go to the nutrition site.

Dollars 4 Scholar$ Update

Every time you shop at Vacaville Commons, turn in your receipts! We have a special place for them iDollars for Scholars-page-001.jpgn the front office.

Your receipts so far have us in FIRST PLACE!! Keep up the great job of ...more

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If you are a Facebook member, go to

Vacaville Commons Facebook Website 


Click on Facebook and then like us from Browns Valley Elementary school. Parents and staff can comment the name of our school one time per day. For every like/comment we earn 500 points. Please go on this website everyday and help us earn as many points as possible. We are currently in first place and we would like to keep it that way! Thank you to everyone who helps us out. We greatly appreciate it. 



Hello VUSD Families,


The recent school shooting in Florida is a horrible reminder that our worst nightmare is happening more and more. As we move forward through our fear for our own children and grief for families at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, I wanted to share what VUSD has and will continue to do to address school safety.


School violence is a complex issue. As a district we have worked to identify the aspects of school violence beyond legislation that we can directly control and impact in our schools.


As adults, the action that we can take today which serves as the foundation for a positive school climate is helping students understand the importance of respect, compassion, understanding and support of each other; face to face, on social media, at school and at home. We can model this behavior and help students look for understanding of each other. Our schools serve students with a wide range of emotional, physical and intellectual needs and it is important that we foster a culture that is inclusive of everyone. Sometimes behaviors we witness are misunderstood or present an opportunity to provide a student with needed support. However, consistent and understood consequences for students who choose to threaten, demean or bully others at school or online is also key.


A consistent and clear emergency response plan is also vital in keeping our students safe and addressing any potential threat on campus. We are in our fourth year of practicing the Standard Response Protocols (Lockdown, Lockout, Evacuate, Shelter). This plan was developed with guidance from the Vacaville Police Department. Vacaville PD is at the center of all our emergency responses and their expertise and support has been invaluable. A police sergeant and four school resource police officers are based on school campuses and serve all of our schools with safety and crime issues. Our emergency plan also includes monthly drills for students and staff as well as trainings for parents. I invite you to attend our next parent-training event on February 27th at 5:30 PM at 401 Nut Tree Road.


Our 2017-18 educational plan (LCAP) has also included funding and programing to systemically address social and emotional wellness for students. Each school has adopted systems of Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) that include teaching positive behaviors and offering a wide range of supports to fit each individual student’s needs. This includes sixteen mental health clinicians, therapists, and interns, school counselors, deans at secondary schools and school administration. The City of Vacaville also has a community service officer, two master social workers, family support workers and program managers who work to serve and support VUSD students as well.


Positive school climate and safety is an ongoing effort that must be the highest priority for the school district, parents, students, city and our community. Supporting students positively as they grow not only effects our school environment but our city as a whole.


If you have any questions or concerns about safety, please reach out to your school principal, district administration listed below or myself.


Director of Student Attendance and Welfare- Ramiro Barron (707) 453-7126 ext. 226

Assistant Superintendent of Student Services- Kim Forrest (707) 453-7201

Director of Community Engagement (emergency response)- Jennifer Leonard (707) 453-6155



Jane Shamieh


Vacaville Unified School District




emergency response icons
School shootings are a terrifying thought for every parent and educator. Student safety is always in the forefront for us as a community. Given yesterday's tragic events in Florida, we thought we would share the following upcoming events that are part of our annual calendar to address school safety. 
The first is our district wide Emergency Operations Center Training on February 27th that includes all of our schools and departments in executing an EOC with the focus on the logistics of keeping our students safe and accounted for in a disaster. 

The second is an informational meeting for parents, reviewing our Standard Response Protocols as well as our Standard Reunification Method Protocols, also on February 27th from 5:30-7:00 PM in the Educational Services Center Board Room at 401 Nut Tree Road. 

Finally, March 15th is our annual district-wide school Lockdown Drill. The drills will be happening throughout the day at every school site. Each site creates a different scenario to practice each year, for example a school might elect to trigger the drill during passing period or recess rather than in the classroom so that students can practice the procedures under various circumstances. 

The Vacaville Police Department is an integral partner in keeping our kids safe. All of our protocols are created in collaboration with VPD. More information about VUSD's emergency response protocols can be found at http://www.vacavilleusd.org/SRP. Please feel free to contact Jennifer Leonard at (707)453-6155 with any questions or comments.






LCAP logo Survey

Hello VUSD Parents and Guardians,

The Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) connects the funding we receive to the goals we’ve established, and it outlines the ways we measure progress. Parent/guardian input is a critical component to the plan. Academic success for each student requires a collaborative partnership between parents/guardians and schools.

Please take a few moments to share your feedback and priorities with us by completing one survey for each school your student(s) attend(s).  (2 surveys for 2 different schools, etc.)

SURVEY AT: https://goo.gl/forms/2SovZX O9KAH0PjXv1
Thank you for partnering with us in your student’s education.



Jane Shamieh

clap logo encuesta espa ol

Saludos a nuestros Padres/Guardianes de VUSD,

El Plan de Control Local de Responsabilidad (LCAP, por sus siglas en inglés) conecta los fondos que recibimos a los objetivos que hemos establecidos y describe las maneras en que medimos el progreso.  El aporte de los padres/guardianes es un componente crítico del plan. El éxito académico de cada estudiante requiere una asociación colaborativa entre los padres/guardianes y las escuelas.

Por favor tómese unos momentos para compartir su retroalimentación y prioridades con nosotros completando una encuesta para cada escuela a la que su alumno(os) asista.  (2 encuestas para 2 escuelas diferentes, etc.)

Gracias por ser parte de la educación de su estudiante.  


Gracias por asociarse con nosotros en la educación de su hijo.



Jane Shamieh


MAD Crew and PTO are working together on selling Candy Grams! They will be selling them next week starting on Wednesday in front of the school. Come and purchase as many as you want and have them delivered to those special friends! 


Selling dates: Wednesday, February 7th - Tuesday, February 13th

Where: In front of School

Price: $ .50


To help with the speed of selling candy grams, exact change would be helpful. 



Super Saturday!!!

Vacaville Unified School District

Browns Valley Elementary School

Academic Enrichment & Attendance Recovery Program


Super Saturday Dates 2018

**Each date listed below has a link to the permission slip**


February 10, 2018

March 10. 2018

April 14, 2018

May 19, 2018


Starting February 2nd, 2018 we will be serving French Toast with Sausage for Breakfast in the Cafeteria! Yummy!! Come check it out and enjoy! 




Kindergartners will need to turn age 5 on or before 9/1/2018


Transitional Kindergartners will be turning 5 between 9/2/2018 and 12/2/2018


Schools that have TK programs are:

Markham, Hemlock, Padan and Fairmont 


TK, Kindergarten and older student Registration will begin on March 6th at 9 am. Please have your Proof of Residence ready for  us to check prior to getting packet. Packets will be released at the time of registration and the days after but no sooner. We have a limited amount of seats we can fill, so please come prepared with everything you need. Packets will be time and date stamped and students placed on a first come first serve basis upon completion of packet, as well as balancing for each class. No requests for AM vs PM Kindergarten will be taken. Please come with:


Certified copy of a Birth Certificateor A duly attested Baptism Certificate or Passport


Immunization Record - Must be up to date - not excepting Religious exemptions anymore, only Medical exemptions but Medical Exemption form must be filled out and signed by Physician. 


Entrance into School Physical: For TK, Kindergarten and 1st grades only. Students must be over the age of 4 years and 3 months at the time of Physical for it to count (This will come in Packet or can be picked up early in the office or printed from the Browns Valley Schoolloop) - Must be filled out and signed off by Physician. (Kaiser has there own form for this that they can print off with the Physician's electronic signature.) Otherwise you can use the form we provide and return to us with the completed packet paperwork. 


Oral Exam: For TK, Kindergarten and 1st grades only. (This will come in Packet or can be picked up early in office or printed off from the Browns Valley Schoolloop) - Must be filled out and completed by your Dentist returned with the completed packet paperwork.  


Proof of Residency - We will be checking this first to make sure you are within our school boundary before releasing packets. Utility Bill with Parents name and address on it. (PG&E, Telephone, Loan/Lease agreement, etc) 


You will be filling out paperwork for us as well. Be prepared with Medical Ins. card number, Doctor's name and telephone number, and Dentist name and telephone number. We will need names and numbers of other people who will be allowed to come and pick up your child in case we cannot reach you. Until we get everything from you we need, as well as everything we give you filled out, your packet will not be considered complete. 


If your child needs to take any type of medication or needs an EPI Pen at school, please let us know so that we may give you all the proper paperwork for this as well. Paperwork will need to be filled out and signed by Physician. Medication will need to come to school labeled from Pharmacy with student's name and dosage on it, in order for us to keep it here at school.  Bring in paperwork and medication right before school starts back.



cafe corner.jpg
Hello families! The Child Nutrition staff is happy to announce that we are GOING GREEN!! Starting in January, we will no longer have paper menus, but will have menu access ONLINE!! The fastest and easiest way to receive the menu electronically is to sign-up for our automated email at www.vacavilleusd.org. Click on lunch menus, and then GOING GREEN MENUS, and you can enter your information for a menu to be sent to you every month. Also, on the menu page are links to all of our Elementary, Middle and High school menus. You may also download the 'Web Menus' app from your smart phone's play-store and find our menu under Vacaville Unified School District. Any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Corina Boylen in Child Nutrition at 707 453-6157, or you can email Corinab@vacavilleusd.org. 

Student Activities

Our site has new pages about the great programs going on here at Browns Valley. Click the Student Activities drop-down above to check them out!

Contact Us:

333 Wrentham Drive

Vacaville, CA 95688

Phone  707 453-6205

Fax      707 447-5307

Sign up for E-News

Parents can sign up to receive an email each Tuesday with news from our website. Sign up or see our archives on the E-News page

Important Reminders

  • Please remember to always sign in and get a visitors sticker at the office when you enter our campus.  
  • Student restrooms are for students only. Should you need an adult restroom or need to assist a young child in the restroom, please come to the school office. Restrooms are available there are all adults. 

Thank you! 

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KONA ICE and Rita's Italian Ice Schedule for Friday's

Kona Ice is schedule: 


Feb. 9th, Feb. 16th, Mar. 9th(min day), Mar. 16th, Apr. 13th, Apr. 20th, May 11th and May 18th


Rita's Italian Ice Schedule:


Feb. 2nd, Mar. 23rd, Apr. 27th, May 4th, May 25th and June 1st.